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Ben P.

Elizabeth, CO

Absolutely would recommend Hayk!  He's very responsive, well organized and knows how to get transportation lined up ASAP! The drive was vetted and has a 100% rating.  Everything flowed perfectly and we have our Model T in pristine condition. The transport company babied her...!   Will use your services again in the future.  Thanks Hayk!

Marshall D.

Los Angeles, CA

Hayk is awesome. He made the whole process very transparent to me and was able to accommodate all my needs, especially my need to get my car picked up in 2 days. He is also very responsive when the car is being transported. His pricing is the lowest compared with other quotes I got.

Steven B.

Malibu, CA

Great guy. Hayk took care of business and when the quote came in higher than he committed to he manned up. You won't be sorry to work with him.

Amy Zhao

Belmont, MA

Prompt service and reasonable price. Will come back in the future if I need shipping services! Highly recommended!

Darreine Montgomery

Marietta, GA

The best car shipping business I’ve ever dealt with. In the past, I’ve had bad experiences and was just turned off by the business overall, but Hayk changed that! He was honest with me of how the business works and didn’t over promise. My car was picked up within the expected pick up dates and was delivered early. The communication is fantastic, any questions I had during this process Hayk was there to ease my mind. Look no further, if you want your car shipped with reliable people in this business, they are the people.

Toni P.

Apple Valley, CA

I hardly ever leave a review but that's just how impressed I was with this company. I have never shipped a car before and got recommend to call Hayk. Best experience ever! He was very friendly, honest, and upfront. He answered all my questions I had and explained the process in detail to give me a piece of mind. I got a call back the same day for a driver and had my car picked up the next day. I highly recommend talking to Hayk and using his company!

CMoney J

Fullerton, CA

I called for a transport quote, we weren't able to cut a deal however the rep was still very honest and super helpful. His service on the phone deserves 5 stars, I'll consider them for my next transport.

Karen S.

San Diego, CA

Hayk did a wonderful job for us -- he quickly found a truck that was available to pick up our car in New Hampshire and drop it off in San Diego.  The trip was expected to take 7-8 days, but we received a phone call after just 4 days, saying our car was ready to be delivered!  The car arrived in perfect condition and Hayk called twenty minutes after the delivery to make sure all had gone well.  I highly recommend this company!!

Nasser N.

Oxnard, CA

Disaster with another transport company. My sons car sat in Spokane for 1 week. Was to be transported to San Diego. I called Hayk and from the moment I spoke with him I knew this person was a gentleman.   Professional!  Detailed! He did not over promise. He kept us updated and the car was picked up a few days later and I even offered to pay more because he saved the day. No, he said.  "I'm just doing my job!"  Don't look elsewhere. Call him and trust him.

George F.

Daly City, CA

Competition Auto Transport was great!

On my vacation, my car broke down and I wanted to transport my car in a hurry back to my home because I would in the long run save on repairs.  It happened on a Sunday and a lot of business are not open on Sunday, so we were really lucky to find Competition Auto Transport.

Hayk was great to work with, he responded right away with a reasonable estimate and time frame.  He was very open to answering questions and working through any challenges that came up.  I was very happy to work with him and this business and will definitely keep this company in mind if I or if anyone I know needs a vehicle moved.

Our Pasadena, TX car transport company

We're a 5-star auto transport company in Pasadena, TX

Need Pasadena TX auto transport services? Competition Auto Transport is your go-to service provider. Because your vehicle is important to you, expect nothing more than the best for your vehicle transportation. Moreover, we have the best pricing in Texas, so call us for a quick quote and consultation. We have both open and enclosed trailers in Pasadena to meet your specific car transport needs. So whether you're a private citizen or a business we have the car shipping solution for you.

Car transport services to and from Pasadena

Whether you're planning a trip to or from Pasadena, TX, consider choosing Competition Auto Transport for your auto transport needs. We know moving is stressful, but we assure you that your car transport doesn't have to be. Let us arrange the transport of your vehicle by calling us now for a free quote and consultation.

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Important details to consider prior to shipping your car

Pasadena car shipping tips

To save you time and money we've compiled the short list of facts and tips below. Taking a few minutes to read over these facts will ensure you get the best possible car transport experience, whether or not you choose us as your service provider. We encourage you to call us should you have any questions that you've not seen addressed below.

Local and nationwide auto transport services

We'll ship your car no matter its current location or desired destination. Our service includes door-to-door transport, given there is room enough on your street where we can safely park and load/unload your vehicle. If not, we can always meet you down the street where there is more space, or simply arrange the meeting at a local Walmart parking lot.

What determines your auto transport rate

The price you pay for your car transport is divided into 5 categories: Distance, vehicle type, vehicle condition, the urgency of transport, and the broker fee. The first four factors will determine the cost of the carrier. Let's look at each category individually:

  • Distance Travelled - Shipping a vehicle from coast to coast, no doubt will cost more than shipping just a few hundred miles. A tip for keeping your transport cost as low as possible is to ship from a metropolitan city to another metropolitan city. Since larger cities see more traffic and drivers tend to stick to these areas rather than rural ones, you'll see an overall low transport cost.
  • Vehicle Type - Larger vehicles such as SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks will see a price increase of roughly $100-200 (based on distance traveled) than a midsize sedan. The size of your vehicle will have a marginal effect on the overall price.
  • Vehicle Condition - Inoperable cars cost more to ship than ones that run and drive. If you're shipping an "inop" you'll see a price increase of roughly $150-250 to secure space on a trailer that has a winch. Additionally, the inoperable vehicle must be accessible for the trucker to load. If you're looking to buy a barnyard find, consider that a local tow truck may be required to pull the vehicle out from its current location unto the street for the trucker to load.
  • Urgency Of Transport - Consider that truckers have access to a database of vehicles needing transporting. Customers offering a fair market rate for their vehicles will have them picked up faster. Giving yourself a 1-5 business day window for your vehicle to be picked up will ensure two things: Keeping your transport cost low and a guaranteed pickup timeframe. Customers who give their brokers anything less than a 5-day window for driver arrival will see a rate hike of $50-$250. Consider this, however, just because you're offering more money for your vehicle to get picked up faster doesn't mean there is a trucker available on your requested date. Our advice is to give yourself that 1-5 business day window for pickup as well as have a friend or family member on standby to release your vehicle for you should you be unavailable.
  • The Broker Fee - The final influence of your overall rate is the broker fee you're paying. Brokers charge anywhere from $175 to $500 for their services.

Items inside the vehicle during transport

If you're planning on moving some household items inside your vehicle we advise you to notify us immediately. When drivers arrive to pick up a customer's vehicle they assume the car is empty. However, if the vehicle is not empty, the driver may decide to charge extra for the additional items. If the vehicle is packed to the brim, the driver may reject the vehicle outright. 

Items inside the trunk of the car and less than 100lbs are acceptable. But when household items overflow into the back seat and are visible from the outside, it makes drivers uncomfortable. Keep in mind that carriers may drive upwards of a few thousand miles to deliver customers' vehicles. Because they drive such long distances they must park and rest and truck stops. The last thing both the customer and driver want is for lookie-looks to notice items inside a vehicle and attempt to break in to steal.

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