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Open Auto Transport

The Standard Safe Method Of Nationwide Car Transport


Open auto transport is one of the safest ways to relocate your vehicle nationwide. Don't drive long distances, we'll have one of our pro drivers deliver your car to you. Consider the time spent off work plus expenses like food, fuel, and lodging. Save the wear and tear on your vehicle, and avoid the hazards of the open road by calling us today. Moreover, if you have an inoperable vehicle, we can still assist your move and get your car to its destination.

open auto transport

Included Insurance

All open auto transport carriers have cargo insurance of $150,000 - $250,000. Once your vehicle is loaded on the trailer, its immediately covered by the trucker's cargo insurance until the vehicle is unloaded at delivery. Consider that your auto insurance provider may also cover the vehicle during shipping, so it's good practice to inquire with them, also, for good measure. If you're ready for a free quote, let's go!


Since there are far more open auto transport carriers than enclosed transport, the likeliness of meeting your desired pickup and delivery dates are far higher. If you have works hours or travel arrangements, we always strive to make the pickup and delivery times as convenient as possible. Thus, we discuss all your scheduling restrictions before you book with us, making your transport a breeze.


Our network of approved, 5-star, carriers is the most reliable in the industry. Since we have the insight and accessibility to carrier profiles, we'll boost your confidence in our business when we share the carrier's ratings with you as the customer. This way, you'll be absolutely certain that your vehicle is in the best hands during transport.


Open auto transport is a rather seamless shipping choice. Because you're allowed to have a trusted individual release and/or accept your vehicle, you're free to carry on with your life and travel arrangements as we do all the heavy hauling. Shipping is as easy as booking, releasing, and receiving delivery of your vehicle. Need more info? Check out this helpful link.


Military Car Shipping

military car shipping

"Active Military Personnel & Retired Vets Enjoy Great Discounts"

Military car shipping is for active military personnel and veterans. Service members move from base to base and require nationwide car transport services. We'll help your car transport. Because Competition appreciates your service to our country, we'll extend our gratitude! You'll enjoy a great discount by mentioning your service to our country. Additionally, we include our expedited service for free so you get your car even faster!

Expedited Service

expedited car transport

"Immediate services for those who need immediate pickup and delivery"

Need auto transport ASAP? Expedited car transport service is available for customers needing their car shipped immediately. This service may cost more if we have to reroute our truck to your location. However, if our truck is close, we won't charge for your expedited service. Have your vehicle prepared for pickup immediately because we may arrive on the same day you book with Competition Auto Transport.

Inoperable Vehicles

inoperable car shipping

"From Barnyard Finds To Auto Auctions, We'll Deliver On-Time."

Inoperable car shipping doesn't have to be a headache. Let's face it, you're looking for a transport solution for your purchase. Whether trying to avoid storage fees or retrieving the online purchase of a barnyard classic, we'll help transport your car home, ASAP. Also, we won't add charges for this service if our truck's on-route. Please keep in mind that we cannot transport any vehicle shell, in other words, a car without wheels.


We'll transport your vehicle even if it's inoperable









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