Commercial auto transport

On-time car shipping service for businesses

Details to consider for commerical auto shipping services

commercial auto transport

Commercial auto transport is an expert niche in the car shipping industry. Therefore, you'll need a 5-star car transporter to deliver both on-time and safe. Competition is ready to assist your dealer to dealer trade, port delivery, or auto auction transport. Need a safe place to store your vehicles? With storage facilities throughout the nation, we'll store your car until you're ready to receive the delivery.

Car dealers

dealer car transport

"Safely delivering the car your customer will buy"

Dealer car transport requires an expert service provider like Competition Auto Transport. We'll save you time and money. We understand you have customers looking for a certain trim of a vehicle you may lack on the lot. Therefore we offer expedited services to all you at no additional charge. Feel confident telling your customers their vehicle is on the way. Don't risk another customer walking off your lot, call us now!

Auto auctions

auction auto transport

"We'll help you avoid annoying storage fees"

Auction auto transport is important to businesses regularly shipping cars. The most important factor for your business is likely avoiding storage fees charged by auto auctions. Our dispatchers are aware of your storage fee woes, so we're fully prepared to dispatch a driver ASAP for vehicle pick-up. Additionally, we'll give you crucial lane information, saving you tons of money on storage fees, alone!

Port services

port auto transport

"Never miss the boat again with on-time delivery"

Port auto transport services are important to businesses purchasing and export vehicles. With Competition, you won't miss a delivery date because we're on-time. Additionally, our drivers have TWIC cards should the port require one. We have regular routes from auto auctions and US cities to US ports. Competition Auto Transport delivers your vehicle to US ports, on-time & safe.

Add-on services for commercial car shipping

Enclosed car shipping

enclosed auto transport

"For maximum protection during transport"

Military car shipping is for active military personnel and veterans. Service members move from base to base and require nationwide car transport services. We'll help your car transport. Because Competition appreciates your service to our country, we'll extend our gratitude! You'll enjoy a great discount by mentioning your service to our country. Additionally, we include our expedited service for free so you get your car even faster!

Expedited services

expedited car transport

"Immediate pickup and delivery services"

Need auto transport ASAP? Expedited car transport service is available for customers needing their car shipped immediately. This service may cost more if we have to reroute our truck to your location. However, if our truck is close, we won't charge for your expedited service. Have your vehicle prepared for pickup immediately because we may arrive on the same day you book with Competition Auto Transport.

Inoperable vehicles

inoperable car shipping

"From Barnyard Finds To Auto Auctions, We'll Deliver On-Time."

Inoperable car shipping doesn't have to be a headache. Let's face it, you're looking for a transport solution for your purchase. Whether trying to avoid storage fees or retrieving the online purchase of a barnyard classic, we'll help transport your car home, ASAP. Also, we won't add charges for this service if our truck's on-route. Please keep in mind that we cannot transport any vehicle shell, in other words, a car without wheels.

Pay less, get more with Competition Auto Transport

Flat rate pricing

With our flat-rate pricing, you pay only the quoted price—nothing more. We have no upfront or hidden fees. In fact, you don't pay anything until your vehicle is picked up. We call this a truly "no obligation" service.

Door-to-door delivery


Our car shipping service offers door-to-door convenience, ensuring the driver gets as close as possible to your specified pickup and delivery addresses. For added flexibility, friends or family members may release and accept your vehicle on your behalf.

24/7 Customer service


Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Upon booking, you will be assigned a dedicated dispatcher who will be your primary contact for customer support, vehicle tracking, and any general inquiries.

Need immediate assistance?

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